Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Principle of Relative Human Efficiency (Reason #324 why Evolution is false)

The scientists that are attempting to replicate evolutionary processes are dozens, even hundreds of *orders of magnitude* more efficient than undirected natural processes. If we can split the atom and eradicate smallpox, we should be able to produce multiple examples of a biological transformation that is purported to be as common as evolution.

Or at the very least, we should have been able to see it. If we can detect black holes and isotopes with a half life of less than one millionth of a second, then we surely should be able to observe something that has (according to the theory) happened billions of times.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Evolution is Completely False

The two tenets of evolution are Darwinism and common descent.
A. The only scientifically accepted mechanism of evolution, Darwinism, is mathematically impossible. Only some form of continuous intelligent intervention can account for the forms we see.
B. DNA only affects the proportions and characteristics of a creature's structure, but the structure itself is also partly derived from the process of generation, such as the egg and sperm. However, DNA is the only thing we know of that passes on genetic information. Consequently, major structural changes can't be passed on to later generations.  Therefore, different species cannot have a common ancestor.
So, if the structural changes necessary to change species can't be passed on, and constant intervention is required anyways, there isn't any compelling reason to believe in common descent. I know of no empirical evidence that necessitates common descent, everything I know of is much better explained in terms of the artifacts of engineering.
Thus, I conclude both major tenets of evolution to be false: Darwinism and common descent. Therefore, evolution as a whole is false.