Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Intelligent Design requires Libertarian Free Will

1.  Assume an intelligent agent has no free will, all products of an intelligent agent are necessary.
2.  Complex specified information is measured by the negative log of the probability of event E occurring multiplied by E's specification S: CSI = -log(P(E) * S(E)).
3.  If E is necessary, then its probability of occurrence is 1. -log(1 * S(E)) <= 0, which means CSI will never be created by an agent driven by necessity.
4.  An intelligent agent must be at least capable of creating CSI. Consequently, an agent driven by necessity cannot be an intelligent agent, which contradicts premise #1.
5.  Since the premise that intelligent agents have no free will results in a contradiction, an intelligent agent must have free will.

This means that if ID is true, then so is LFW.

NOTE: S is defined by Dembski's paper on Specification.

The important point is S is an integer >= 1.  As such, 1 * S(E) >= 1.

"φ(T) = the number of patterns for which [the] semiotic description of
them is at least as simple as [the] semiotic description of T."

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